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It started the very day my mejor amigo came into my life, just a few months after I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Charlie Murphy made and continues to make a huge difference in my daily life and when I say “huge” I mean HUGE. I never really knew what it was like to have my own pet, to take care of someone else other than myself, to have a little creature who loves me unconditionally bring me so much joy. My life was truly impacted by Charlie and I hope I have the same effect on him. I can honestly say Charlie Murphy helped me through my depression and anxiety. He’s more than just a pet, he is my best friend. That is why I started MEJOR AMIGO. Because there are so many people out there who feel the same way as I do about their furry friends and their culture.🐾❤️

CEO and co-founder

With a background in business and finance, Charles Murphy co-founded Mejor Amigo Pet Supply alongside his colleague Jennifer Arias. Using his experience in both industries and the culture he grew up with to bring this new innovative pet supplies brand to life.

Charles Murphy

CEO and co-founder

Former social media manager and Cal State Fullerton grad, Jennifer Arias co-founded Mejor Amigo Pet Supply with her business pawtner and best friend Charles Murphy. Her experience in working in the field of social content, working with her Latino community, and being a dog mom is what inspired her to start a pet supplies brand for anyone who loves la cultura Latina and their pets — their MEJOR AMIGOS.

Jennifer Arias

Graphic Designer and illustrator

"Being born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico it allows me to bring my own unique perspective to my craft that can have a sense of relativity within the Latino community. Since I can remember art has been a pivotal aspect of my life. Growing up I would draw Rugrats characters on my lined-paper, doodle away in classrooms and would have a sense of accomplishment knowing I can create something out of nothing. Graphic Design has allowed me to continue my love for art, but in a professional setting. I’m super excited to collaborate with Mejor Amigo Pet Supply—it really was a no-brainer for me because pets are the greatest joy in life. The best thing about pets is the fact that they’re always themselves and without even trying they bring a smile to your face and make you forget about your troubles—even if it’s for a quick moment. To all of the little furry best friends out there, I hope I make you proud with my designs." —@erickarrap

Erick Parra

Graphic Designer and illustrator

"Mejor Amigo has been an amazing opportunity for me because I can combine so many things I love in one, my love for dogs, my love for illustration and my love for my roots. Our culture is an elemental piece in our heart, it’s our heritage, our traditions and our community, it’s what connects us, that’s why I’m proud to be part if this project, because Mejor Amigo is not only cute but an extension of being proud of your roots and wanting to share them with your furry family members." —@rox.rgb

Rox Briones

Graphic Designer And Illustrator

"Marlene is a Xicana designer & visual artist born & raised in Los Angeles CA, with Sonorense & Michoacan roots. She has been doing art ever since she was little, after following her mother’s creative footsteps. Now she has been doing art & designing full time for over 13 years doing all types of work including murals, merch, illustrations, 3d art, and more. She loves to create colorful pieces inspired by her raíces and cultura and is proud to continue sharing that to inspire others to pursue their dreams. Some fun facts about her: She’s a lefty. 90's kid. Expert smoothie maker. Vinyl collector. Professional playlist creator. Sombrero collector. Loves mango everything. LOVES animals, especially her first Xolito doggy/son Kaifan. Obsessed with Raspados de Vainilla. Nature lover. Norteña del Sur." —@m2rl3n3

Marlene Solorio