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Pan Dulce Dog Toy (Concha)

The most delicious-looking dog toy you'll ever see!😍 Not only does it squeak, it's also SUPER soft and comes in pink, brown, and white! There's no doubt our concha dog toy will be your pup's new favorite toy! BEWARE: It might also get you in the mood to go grab some pan dulce for yourself at your nearest panadería... or should I say PAWnadería!🐾🐶😋 Perfect for dogs of all sizes!🐕

Upgrade to our Pawnadería Dog Toys Set (which includes a Concha Dog ToyPolvorón Dog ToyPuerquito Dog Toy & a Niño Envuelto Dog Toy) and SAVE $10! 🗣That's BUY 3... get 1 FREE!🙌


*Please monitor your pet at all times when using this toy. Do not allow your pet to swallow any part of this product. Check the product before and during use and discard if it becomes loose or any part becomes torn or frayed.*