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Dog Lotería Poop Bag Pouch

Laaaaa caca!💩😝 Our Dog Lotería Poop Bag Pouch makes it easy to carry your poop bags with you on every walk by attaching it to any leash.🐕‍🦺 It’s super functional and built with a zipper to unzip and insert the poop bag roll, once inserted you can pull the tip of a poop bag out of the small opening in the middle of our “Mejor Amigo” label and then zip up the pouch and hook it up to your leash by the handle. From there you will be able to pull poop bags out with plenty of ease. Comes with it's very own poop bag roll inside!

*Friendly Tip💡: Always leave the tip of a poop bag sticking out of the poop bag pouch hole for easy poop bag extraction in every use.*

Upgrade to our Dog Lotería Walking Set (which includes the Dog Lotería Poop Bag Pouch, the matching Dog Lotería Leash & Dog Lotería Harness) and SAVE $5!